Monday, October 4, 2010

Where we're going and what we're doing

We leave in just three days!!!

I know many of you have been curious as to where we’re going this time, and because we’ll be in many of the same places we went last year, I can both tell and show you. Well, at least I can if you wanna look at a few pictures!

After arriving in Paris Friday morning we’re driving straight to Bayeux, where we stayed the entire trip last year.

This’ll be the, uhm, fourth time we’ve been in Bayeux, so I think it must have something that keeps us coming back. Well, at least something other than the world’s greatest bakeries!

We’ll be in Bayeux for the first two days, just trying to stay awake on Friday, and then driving in a big circle on Saturday, a circle that takes us to little towns and roads like this--

We end up the day meeting a few people in Ste. Mere Eglise and trying to find the one thing we didn’t find on our last trip over.

Sunday, we drive a lot, stopping first in Marolles-Les-Braults to meet a few more people and see a plaque honoring a guy from Negaunee (among others), and then drive over to a little town called Ducey, where we spend the next four days of our trip. Over those four days, we make return visits to places like the Brittany American Cemetery

and cute little towns like Avranches and Mortain, where you get to see sights like this!

We’ll also pay visits to several new areas, and do a little exploring of the Brittany region, which is a place we’ve not yet been. Then Thursday, we head back for two more nights in Bayeux, spending a little time on the invasion beaches

and also heading to the Cotentin Peninsula for more exploration and sightseeing. Then Saturday, we hang out around Bayeux’ market day one final time

Before we drive back to Paris, spend a night in a little village near the airport called Roissy

And then fly back home after ten days, carrying a lot of chocolate and even more memories.

Hope you enjoy coming along with us!


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